Davey (daavey) wrote in p_jimmies,

Rainbows of colors

I'm reading a complaint from a patient, where they're bitching about how the doctor prescribed Halcion to a kid to make it easier to do the dental procedure. Here's what the parents said:

"We spent a minimum of four hours trying to calm Ashley after the procedure and use of Halcion. Ashley cried and screamed with hallucinations of dragons chasing her, huge bugs, and rainbows of colors on the wall."

Wow!! I NEED to try some o' THAT!!
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OOOOOOHhhhhH!!! I need Halcion!!!!!
me too!! But...it seems you gotta load up on it. later in the complaint it says that a doctor at Pfizer said the amount that poor ol' Ashley got was "off the label." Hm... sounds dangerous!
sounds dangerous....AND sexy, and a little bit racist.
heehee! and all that adds up to.... FUN!
And PS

She deserves it with a name like Ashley. I hope the dragons won the race.
haha! she does seem annoying. the parents claim the chart says "patient too wiggly fro N2O mask." As for me... i'm wiggly AFTER the N2O mask!!
Is that the medical term? "Wiggly?"

They don't know "wiggly." Where is this doctor? I will teach them what wiggly is. I will then kick the doc in the nuts. I will kick him HARD.
hahahaha!! "Attempted to secure N2O mask on Jill's face. Patient too wiggly for mask. Pt then proceeded to rupture dr's testicles. Procedure terminated and Rx valium 10mg for patient. Morphine for the dr."
HAHAHA!!! THat's about how it would go!!!